SCLT Outreach Team Visit Faith Partners Exhibition in Cardiff


Thursday 16th October 2014 saw the commencement ceremony in the National Assembly of Wales building, of a special 4-day exhibition focusing upon the achievements and teachings of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community.


Roger Ibrahim, a volunteer with the SCLT Minorities Outreach Team, travelled to Cardiff to represent the charity at the auspicious launch of the temporary exhibition and to use the opportunity to discuss senior safety with the large audience who attended the event.


Roger commented, "The Ahmadiyyan community have a long tradition of supporting charitable activities and promoting their core beliefs of peace for all and hatred for none. The SCLT are delighted to be associated with the Ahmadiyyan Muslim community and seek to support their charitable activities in the area"


"I have, as always, enjoyed meeting all the attendees at todays event and catching up with my colleagues in the Ahmadi community, whilst taking the opportunity to remind people of the importance of being aware of the scam, cons and deceptions that are often targeted at the older adult community - regardless of their origin or cultural beliefs"