Britain's Oldest Newlyweds Start the Year With a Bang


With a combined age of 187 years, Sid Ratcliffe (97) and his bride, Iris Law (90), certainly have enough life experience to ensure that their marriage goes the distance. The couple from Wolverhampton met at a bus stop in 2001, but only tied the knot recently after Sid had managed to cajole Iris down the isle.


Blushing bride Iris, who has five children, nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, said it was never too late to get married. The retired secretary said: "It was a beautiful day. I loved all of it. I met him at a bus stop and he swept me off my feet. It’s definitely never too late – it’s love."


Sid, who has two sons, one of whom has died, three grandchildren and three great grandchildren, had to ask for the registrar to speak up during the service but responded with a resounding: "yes I certainly do" even before he was asked if he would agree to marry Iris.


Afterward the touching ceremony the former Chubb tool room supervisor said: "It’s been a lovely day. We’re very happy."


They then celebrated their marriage with a small gathering back at their bungalow.

Oldest couple


Acknowledgement: The above story and photograph originally appeared in a Yahoo online news story.