SCLT Remember the Fallen


The annual day of Remembrance was honoured by various members of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT), who attended local Remembrance parades throughout the United Kingdom to pay their respects for the glorious dead of the nations past generations.


SCLT Trustee Ash Jones attended the ceremony in his home town of Weston-super-Mare in South West England, he said, "I have not had the opportunity to join the act of remembrance in my own town for a number of years as I have been representing the charity at other locations throughout the UK. It was wonderful to see so many veterans attending the parade, with their service medals proudly displayed on their chests"


"As a military veteran  myself, I think it is hugely important to support these local events to remind present generations what has been sacrificed by our forebears for the free and safe society that we take for granted today"


Ash laid a cross of remembrance at the war memorial, inscribed with the simple words 'Thank You' on behalf of the SCLT Charity. Other members of the SCLT trustee team attended events in Bristol and Wales.


















































































REm Cross Rem Parade 2014