SCLT Trustee Attends Inter-Faith Peace Symposium


Saturday 8th November 2014 saw SCLT Director Ash Jones taking part in the 11th Annual Peace Symposium of the Ahmadiyyan Muslim Community in London. The event was held at the impressive Baitul Futuh Mosque in Morden. The building is the largest mosque in Western Europe and serves as the national headquarters for the global Ahmadiyyan element of the Muslim faith, which counts as many as 30-million adherents in nearly 200 countries around the World.


The symposium was attended by many community and faith leaders from the UK, including; The Right Honorable Justine Greening MP (Cabinet Minister for International Development), The Rt Hon Ed Davey (Cabinet Minister for Energy and Climate Change) and Lord Ahmed of Wimbledon (Minister of State for Communities), amoungst a glittering array of other Members of Parliament, Local office holders and Church leaders.


The keynote address of the event was given by His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, The Caliph and spiritual leader of the Worldwide Ahmadiyyan Muslim Community. This was followed by a traditional Ahmadiyyan meal, which was shared by the 800 guests.


Ash Jones commented, "One of the goals of the SCLT, is to provide a social advocacy service to the wider older adult community. This essentially means spreading our message of senior safety to a wider pool of people as possible, with the intention of keeping our seniors safe as they progress through older adulthood"


"As the UK becomes an increasingly diverse community, it is important that we focus upon extending links and forging bonds with community groups who may not ordinarily have access to many of the statutory and voluntary services available to others"


"Over the last year we have be privilaged to have opened a strong relationship with the Ahmadiyyan community and I feel honoured to have had a personal audience with His Holiness The Caliph this evening. I took the opportunity to tell him that I have been inspired by the great friendliness and generousity of the Ahmadi people and how much we look forward to building on our relationship in the years to come"


















































































































Peace Symposium Compressed

Ash Jones (right) is greeted by Mr Munawar Mughal - Regional Ahmadiyyan Co-ordinator for the South West & Wales

Peace Symposium Peace Symposium 3 AMC Click for Video of Event: