SCLT Public Presentation Team Visit North Petherton


April 9th saw SCLT volunteer Ash Jones visiting the monthly meeting of the National Federation of Post Office and British Telecom Pensioners in the Western Somerset town of North Petherton. The group numbers over 50 attendees and enjoy regular trips, social functions and activities for their members.


Every month the group invite a guest speaker to entertain, engage and educate their group, who range from 60 to 90 years of age and enjoy the gatherings, where they have an opportunity to catch-up on local news and enjoy afternoon refreshments togther.


Following the event, Ash said, "I was really pleased to have been invited to spend the afternoon with this thriving community group in this lovely town. The members were really attentive during my presentation and following my session there were many questions about home and personal safety from the audience "


"Many of the questions were related to the increasing fear of cyber-crime which seems to be proliferating many senior internet users. I was very pleased to answer as many questions as I could on this subject, and was also able to point the interested members to the latest edition of the Senior Siren magazine, which now features 2 articles in every edition, which is focused to spreading the senior cyber message to all"


All visitors to the event received a personal copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine, which contains a regular feature on cyber-crime in every edition

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