SCLT Trustees Hold Strategic Partnership Meeting in Cardiff


Tuesday 5th May 2015, saw Ashley Jones and Jon Wiliams of the SCLT Trustee Board, traveling to the Cardiff offices of the Older Person's Commissioner for Wales to hold a formal meeting with Mr Steve Bartley of the Commissioner's team, to discuss senior safety within the Principality.


Mr Bartley is the leader of the Commissioners Safeguarding & Access to Justice Programme for older adults in Wales. He spends a lot of his time raising awareness of the dangers and risks associated with older adult life, including domestic, sexual, emotional and financial abuse.


Jon Williams is the SCLT Lead Volunteer in Wales, he said "Today's meeting has been a very good opportunity to discuss how the SCLT can offersupport for some of the work being done by the Older Persons Commissioner for Wales"


"It is conservatively estimated that over 40,000 older people in Wales are being abused in the homes every year. Domestic abuse and sexual violence can affect anyone, regardless of theur gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or gender identity. From this meeting, I hope that we will be able to work more closely together to get the message of senior safety to the senior community in Wales"


For more information, please take a moment to visit the website of the Older Person's Commissioner for Wales (click on below link)

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Mr Steve Bartley (centre) Meets Jon Williams (left) & Ash Jones in Cardiff