SCLT Public Presentation Team Accept Invite to Iron Acton


The evening of Friday 8th May 2015, saw SCLT Public Presentation Team volunteer Ash Jones, accepting an invitation to join the members of the Sodbury & District 41 Club at their monthly dinner meeting in the historic South Gloucestershire settlement of Iron Acton.


‘41 Club’ is the pet name for The Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs. Prior to April 2008 it had been called The Association of Ex-Tablers’ Clubs and is essentially a social meeting club for former members of the Round Table Association, which has an upper age limit of 40, hence the name of 41 Club - for members of the senior group.


The Round Table Association came into existence in March 1927, when a young Rotarian by the name of Louis Marchesi became aware of the lack of opportunities for the young businessmen of the day, to meet and prepare themselves for their responsibilities as future  senior businessmen in later years. Being a member of the Norwich Rotary Club, he found himself surrounded by older men, so he started a club for young men in the age range of 28 to 40, to give them the right environment to nurture develop their professional and civic skills, whilst assisting the local community, the nation and later the world as whole.


Ash joined the 20-strong group of senior gentlemen for their monthly dinner in a well-appointed function room above the main bar of the Lamb Public House in Wooten Street, Iron Acton. The gentlemen of the club discussed current affairs, local issues and planned events and activities for the coming year, as they enjoyed the fine meal on offer. Following the hearty supper, the members were entertained to a 45-minute presentation on the voluntary works of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team Charity, which included a variety of tips and advice about recognising deceptions and scams that are frequently targeted at the vulnerable, senior community.


At the conclusion of the fully facilitated and interactive PowerPoint presentation, Ash commented, “41 Club provides a very convivial environment for senior gentleman to meet in a social environment and enjoy each other’s company, whilst taking a very pleasant refection. Activities like these, allow elder members to avoid the pitfalls of isolation and loneliness, which are all too often the precursor of being targeted by scam phone calls or doorstep callers”


“The SCLT Senior Safety Presentation combines an entertaining chronicle of the evolution of the SCLT charity, with many anecdotes of actual deceptions that the charity has encountered over its 5-years of operational service. There is always a healthy amount of time at the end for questions from the audience, which always seem to throw up some queries that I’ve not encountered previously”


Every member of the group received a personal copy of the latest edition of the award-winning magazine of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team, ‘The Senior Siren’, which now is made available to more than 250,000 every other month.

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The table was set for another well received, senior safety presentation