SCLT Public Presentation Team Visit Kewstoke Womens Institute


Thursday 14th May 2015 has seen SCLT volunteer Ash Jones visiting the monthly luncheon meeting of the Kewstoke Womens Institute (WI) at the well-appointed Village Hall in Kewstoke, Sand Bay.


The Women's Institute (WI) was formed in 1915 to revitalise rural communities and encourage women to become more involved in producing food during the First World War. Since then the organisation's aims have broadened and the WI is now the largest voluntary women's organisation in the UK. The WI will celebrate its centenary in 2015 and currently has 212,000 members in around 6,600 WI groups.


The Kewstoke group, which has more than 30 members, meets regularly to enjoy a hearty meal, lively conversation and to participate in monthly club competitions, such as flower arranging, short story writing.


Following his presentation Ash commented, “The WI, like many older adult groups, makes great strides towards reducing lonliness and isolation amoungst the elder community. It is very nice to see members of such groups enjoying each others company, when they meet to dine together and to take part in the many activities which the club engage in"


Every member of the group received a personal copy of the latest edition of the award-winning magazine of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team, ‘The Senior Siren’, which now is made available to more than 250,000 readers every-other month.

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