SCLT Public Presentation Team Visit Keynsham Women's Baptist League


Thursday 25th June 2015 has seen SCLT volunteerAshley Jones being hosted by the weekly meeting of the Baptist Women's League, which was held at the Keynsham Baptist Church in the centre of the bustling North East Somerset town of Keynsham.


The intimate meeting was well attended by the members, who meet at the location regularly to enjoy religious worship, light refreshments and occasional trips to interesting amenities.


Following his presentation Ashley commented, “I have really enjoyed meeting the ladies of this small group who enjoy coming together to celebrate their faith and to share each others company. I enjoyed joining in with the singing of the hymns and I hope that my senior safety presentation has helped the audience think about how they can stay safe into leter life and avoid some the scams and deceptions out there"


Every member of the group received a personal copy of the latest edition of the award-winning magazine of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team, ‘The Senior Siren’, which now is made available to more than 250,000 readers every-other month.

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