SCLT Public Presentation Team Hosted by Downend 41 Club


Tuesday 14th July 2015 has seen SCLT volunteer Roger Buxton being hosted by the Downend Branch of the ever popular 41 Club.


41 Club is the more commonly used and shorter name for The Association of Ex-Round Tablers' Clubs, a social networking organisation for men aged over 40 who are also former members of Round Table. Thus, 41 Club forms part of the Round Table Family of clubs, together with Round Table, Ladies Circle and Tangent.


Round Table itself was formed in 1927, exclusively for men aged under 40, with the intention of offering younger men the benefits afforded by similar groups such as Rotary Club, which were dominated by older people. It took off quickly, and within a few years there were more than a hundred Tables in towns and cities across the UK.


It became common practice for retiring Tablers to stay on after retiring age as so-called "honorary members", however it soon became clear that Table risked itself becoming over time a group largely of older people.


The first Ex-Tablers Club was formed in Liverpool in 1936. Former Round Table members from other parts of the UK quickly followed suit, as later did former Tablers overseas (Round Table having become an international group in the post war years).


The Association was formed in 1945 at a meeting of 41 Clubs in Wakefield and the first President, John Shuter of London Old Tablers Society, was elected. Today there over 18,000 members in 820 clubs across Great Britain and Ireland . Their primary objective remains to support The Round Table in their activities.


Following his presentation Roger said, “41 Clubs are a great social inclusion vehicle for older men to stay engaged within their peer group and to enjoy convivial company with good friends on a regualar basis. The gents who invited me here tonight were certainly full of life and hit me with a barrage of questions about senior safety and the SCLT charity, it's always great to have such an interactive audience "


Every member of the group received a personal copy of the latest edition of the award-winning magazine of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team, ‘The Senior Siren’, which now is made available to more than 250,000 readers every-other month.


SCLT Volunteer - Roger Buxton

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