SCLT Attend Eid Celebration with Muslim Community in Cardiff


Saturday 25th July 2015 has seen a delegation of SCLT volunteers travel to Llanishen in Cardiff to join members of the Ahmadiyyan Muslim Community and distinguished guests to celebrate the end of the Islamic period of Ramadan.


Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar and is a period of prayer, fasting, charity-giving and self-accountability for Muslims throughout the United Kingdom.


Mr Roger Ibrahim is the Lead Volunteer with the SCLT Senior Minority Outreach Team. He attended the event as a guest of the Ahmadi community, he said, “Eid is a time where members of the Islamic faith gather together to rejoice at the end of the period of Ramadan and to celebrate their faith in the Eid feast. It has been an opportunity for the Senior Minority Team to meet up with old friends from the Ahmadi community and to look forward to the Jalsa Salana - the annual religious gathering of the Ahmadi community next month. "


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SCLT volunteer Ash Jones, also attended the event and was called upon to make a speech, along with the other distinguished guests in attendance, including local Members of Parliament and the Lord Mayors and moyors of the South Wales community.


Ash, said, “I used my speech as an opportunity to thank the Ahmadiyyan Muslim Community for their continueing support for the Senior Citizen Liaison Team Charity and also for extending the hand of friendship to our modest, regional social enterprise. It has been a wonderful experience to meet the Ahmadi group and to join them in so many of their religious events over the last 2-years. I hope our friendship continues for many years to come"


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