SCLT Public Presentation Team Hosted by Cardiff Civil Service Retirement Fellowship


Wednesday 12th August 2015 has seen SCLT volunteer Jon Williams of the SCLT Public Presentation Team, visiting the monthly meeting of the Cardiff Branch of the Civil Service Fellowship in the Whitchurch area of Wales' capital city, where more than 60 members enjoyed his guest speaking session on senior safety.


Established on 9 April 1965, the Civil Service Retirement Fellowship(CSRF) is the only Civil Service charity dedicated to helping retired civil servants, widows/widowers, partners and dependants enjoy a better and more fulfilling retirement.


CSRF operate a range of welfare, volunteering and leisure activities all run and supported by volunteers.


They currently have two volunteering programmes, the Phone Buddy scheme and National Visitors Network which provide telephone based friendship calls and home visits to any beneficiary experiencing loneliness or social isolation.


In addition, the CSRF are also available to offer signposting, help and advice on a whole range of subjects - such as senior safety and other areas of interest for older adults.


Jon is a leading volunteer on the Public Presentation Team, he said, “I have enjoyed my visit to the Cardiff Branch of the CSRF and we had a very lively, interactive session with plenty of audience participation. I hope that some of my advice will have struck a chord with the members and they can enjoy later life to the full with their club, while also being mindful to the dangers of senior fraud and deception "


Every member of the audience rceived a personal copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine, which is packed with advice and tips on staying safe into later life


Jon Williams

CRF Cardiff