SCLT Enters into Relationship with Powys Police


A snowy day in early January 2015 saw members of the SCLT trustee team travelling to Brecon for a meeting with the leadership team of the Powys Local Policing Area to discuss the forging of a new partnership between the groups. Jon Williams is the SCLT Area Manager for the Wales area,


He said, "Our meeting took the form of a 30-minute presentation of the work and achievements of the SCLT Charity, which was followed by some negotiations on how we could build a working relationship with the neighbourhood officers of the Powys Local Policing Area."


"It was very interesting to meet Chief Inspector Cummins and have the opportunity to discuss how the charity could compliment the fantastic work already being done in this area. I wholeheartedly look forward to working with the dedicated local officers who will be working with our volunteers to make sure the older adults stay safer than ever into later life in Powys"


2015 will see officers from Powys Police giving older adult safety themed presentations throughout the local community, as well as distributing the award-winning Senior Siren magazine.


Members of the SCLT Trustee Team meet with officers of the Powys Policing Team