SCLT Volunteer Tells His Story to Celebrate the QAVS Award


To celebrate the recent award ceremony, in which the Queens Award for Voluntery Service (QAVS) was bestowed upon the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT), one the Charity's volunteers has released an emotional video to put his account on the record.


Jon Williams has been an active volunteer with the SCLT since it's early years and is now a member of the Charity's Trustee Board of Management, on which he helps to steer the direction of the team, as well as being a very much 'hands-on' member of both the Public Presentation Team and Minority Outreach elements of the work of the charity.


In the video, which was filmed especially to be played at the QAVS ceremony , Jon tells of the epiphany event which changed his life forever and made him embark upon a path as a life-long charity volunteer.


Fellow SCLT volunteer Ash Jones said, “ Jon's story is an emotional memoir of a man who had a change of heart due to a chance meeting with a senior citizen, who's seemingly ordinary present life hid a past in which he had placed his life on the line to secure a future free of tyranny for us all. I've seen the video a dozen times now, and it still sends a lump to my throat. "

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SCLT Volunteer - Jon Williams