Public Presentation Team Visit Walton-in-Gordano


Friday 9th October 2015, has seen the North Somerset village of Walton-in-Gordano receiving a visit from SCLT volunteer Roger Buxton, from the charity's Public Presentation Team. The small but lively gathering of older adults was arranged by the Village Agents project of the West of England Rural Network.


The afternoon session involved a facilitated presentation on the dangers of fraud and deception crime for the growing older adult community. The presentation was supported with an interactive PowerPoint presentation, which is aimed at empowering elders to be aware of deceptions and scams and to suggest actions to take if such circumstances are encountered.


SCLT volunteer Roger Buxton said, “ I have enjoyed spending the afternoon with the ladies and gentlemen in Walton-in-Gordano and spreading the message of senior safety, by encouraging greater awareness of the frauds and cons that heartless criminals target at the elderly. I hope my presentation will make people think carefully, the next time the door-bell or phone rings, or if a letter or e-mail makes an offer that just cannot be refused. My message is simple - be sceptical, it pays!"


Every member of the audience received a personal copy of the very latest edition of the awared winning Senior Siren Magazine, which can be read online by clicking on the link below.


SCLT Volunteer - Roger Buxton

walton in gordano

SCLT Volunteer Roger Buxton (pictured on right) meets the Walton-in-Gordano community group

Senior Siren Magazine IMG_2767