SCLT Public Presentation Team Visits Bath NHS Retirement Fellowship


Thursday 15th October 2015 has seen the SCLT Public Presentation Team being invited as special guest speakers at the monthly meeting of the National Health Service Retirement Fellowship meeting at Bath Hospital in North East Somerset.


The group is part of a national fellowship of over 200 local groups who meet regularly around the country to share experiences, enjoy excursions and trips and to benefit from a schedule of guest speakers on a variety of interesting subjects.


Branch or Postal membership of the Fellowship also provides an opportunity for retired NHS and social care staff and their partners to meet and spend time with other like-minded people, to enjoy existing friendships, make new friends and enjoy themselves together.


The Fellowship is a registered charity and has approximately 17,000 members across the UK


SCLT volunteer presenter Ash Jones said, “ It was a real pleasaure to meet all the members of this very enthusiastic group, who really entered into the spirit of the presentation and shared experiences of scams and frauds that they had previously encountered.   "


Every member of the audience received  personal copy of the latest edition of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine.


SCLT volunteer Ash Jones (right of picture) is welcomed by the members

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