Christmas Message from the Senior Citizen Liaison Team Charity (by Ash Jones, Chair of Trustees)


2018 has been a year of great achievements for the SCLT Charity, we have had the privilege of being able to meet and protect ever more groups of older adults with our Public Presentation Team (PPT). Who have given even more presentations to community groups than in the preceding years. It’s hard to believe it, but the PPT are almost entirely booked-up for the 2019 guest speaking season already. It just goes to show that there is a great desire by the many older adult groups within the community, to receive bespoke education and crime prevention information from specialist presenters. There are still a few slots available throughout the year, especially in the Wales region, so if you represent a community group who would like a visit from one of our Public Presentation Team – don’t delay, get in touch today.


On the subject of our PPT, 2018 has seen the latest innovation in this arena of work, as we were delighted to introduce additional general interest presentations to supplement the senior safety themes that we have been running now for 4-years. At the present time, we offer presentations on; The Nobel Prize, Dracula, Field Marshal Bill Slim, The Dickin Medal (Animal Gallantry), Douglas Bader and the British Honours System. These new products are designed to elicit interest in the work of our PPT with groups who may not be inclined to get in touch about a senior safety presentation. These new talks have been expertly crafted by our extremely experienced, master-presenters and all include state-of-the-art PowerPoint presentations, which feature exciting video clips and stereo sound effects to keep the audiences enthralled throughout.


Our new range of talks have been particularly popular with many after-dinner and luncheon groups, who have booked our speaking team to entertain and educate their members in their regular gatherings. This has had the really great benefit of introducing our work to many new groups and has benefited our volunteer presenters, who have gained considerable skills due to the variation of presenting experience. I have been particularly pleased to see that two of our volunteer presenters have gone on to achieve associate membership of the Professional Speaking Association through their work with the PPT, and we hope more will follow them in the coming year.


The Senior Siren magazine has continued to evolve under the direction of its experienced editorial team and we have received some excellent feedback from our readership, who have clearly embraced the changes that we have adopted to the ever-popular magazine, and have downloaded it from our website in record numbers from all around the globe. The coming year will see even more developments to the magazine and we look forward to it going from strength to strength, as well as the introduction of an audio version of the publication which will assist members of the senior community who have a visual impairment, or indeed those who simply prefer to listen to the spoken-word instead of the written version.


Our many activities have been made possible, entirely as a consequence of the many generous grants and donations that we have received throughout the year. We are deeply thankful to the many donors and benefactors, both individual and corporate, who have continued to support the SCLT Charity over the year, especially our good friends at the Ahmadiyyan Muslim Community, who have continued to fund our work in 2018 and through their generous benefaction, have allowed us to keep even more members of the vulnerable, elder community safe throughout the year.  


On a personal level, I am always struck by the resourcefulness and dedication of our superb team of volunteers, who of course are the very lifeblood of our charity. I cannot thank them enough for the selfless devotion that they display every time that they carry out an activity on behalf of this small, but big-hearted charity. As we enter our 10th year of existence, I have little doubt that we will continue on our upward trajectory, as we add new services and finesse our existing suite of safety services for the older adult community.


May I take this opportunity to wish all our followers the greatest happiness during this festive time. Regardless of our religious beliefs, we use this time of year to be thankful for all our blessings and hope that your 2019 will be happy and safe (if we have anything to do with it!).


Merry Christmas - Ash Jones

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