SCLT Public Presentation Team Visit Street & Glastonbury Carers Support Group


Monday 10th April, has seen SCLT volunteer presenter Jon Ash Jones visiting the regular meeting of the Street & Glastonbury Carers Support Group to meet with the group users and their carers and to raise awareness of financial safeguarding against the many scams and frauds that are targeted at elder citizens on a daily basis.


Carer Support Groups can offer members the benefit of meeting other carers who are in the same position. It brings together people who share the same problems, frustrations and rewards.


Carer Support Groups aim to provide members with a chance to take a short break from caring and enjoy some time in the company of other carers. It is an opportunity to talk, share experiences and to offer and receive mutual support.


Street and Glastonbury Carers Support Group meet on the second Monday of each month between 10.30a.m and 12.30 pm at Street Parish Rooms, 6 Leigh Road in Street.


SCLT presenter Ash Jones commented after his visit  “Sufferers of long term illnesses can be very vulnerable, often through enforced lonliness and isolation, often through the effects of their ill-health, so it is very important that they, and their carers, are aware of the dangers of frauds and scams and how to stay safe in later life, so they can enjoy the best possible life”


Every member of the audience rceived a personal copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine, which is packed with advice and tips on staying safe into later life and a special senior safety safety kit, containing various safety equipment.


SCLT presenter, Ash Jones (centre) Visits Street & Glastonbury Carers Support Group

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