SCLT Public Presentation Team Visit Kingsdon Older Persons Group


Wednesday 26th April, has seen SCLT volunteer presenter Ash Jones visiting the regular meeting of the monthly seniors group in the beautiful Somerset village of Kingsdon, to meet with the group users and deliver a keynote speech on the Nobel Prize from the catalogue of services which are provided by the SCLT Public Presentation Team.


The Seniors Group, which meets on the last Wednesday of every month at the Kingsdon Village Hall, has around 40-members, who enjoy meeting up every month to host a keynote speaker and to chat about local events. The group partake of light refreshments and also have th opportunity of discussing the theme of the presentation with the guest speaker.


SCLT presenter Ash Jones commented after his visit  “I have really enjoyed coming to Kingsdon this year and I happily recall my last visit to the group in 2016. It was good to see some familiar faces again and to see that the group really enjoyed my keynote speech on the Nobel Prizes.


Some folks may wonder why a senior safety charity offer themed talks to older adult groups. The answer is really quite simple. Many groups may not feel they would like to have a visit from our team to discuss senior safety, as they ususally seek more entertaining, or theme-specific speakers. To ensure that every vulnerable person gets the chance to have a visit from the SCLT, we have designed a portfolio of extremely entertaining and informative presentations that would satisfy the needs of the even the most informed senior group - when we visit and entertain the group, we also take a little time to share our fraud safety message and give eveyone a copy of the Senior Siren magazine


Our themed presentations have been written to the highest possible standard and allways attract great responses from the audience. As an example of the statndards that we set, as part of designing and preparing the Nobel Prize presentation that I gave to the audience today, I travelled to Stockholm in Sweden in 2016 to study the subject at the Nobel Foundation over a number of days. I had the opportunity to learn the subject from true experts in the field and I hope this level of attention to detail comes across in our elite presentations”


Every member of the audience rceived a personal copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine, which is packed with advice and tips on staying safe into later life and a special senior safety safety kit, containing various safety equipment.


SCLT presenter, Ash Jones (left) Visits Kingsdon Older Persons Group

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