SCLT Public Presentation Team Visit West Hunspill Day Centre


Thursday 1st June has seen SCLT safety presenter Matt Hawker joining the West Huntspill Day Centre at their regular meetings in Balliol Hall in West Huntspill.


The group, which is part of the Somerset Active Living Network, meet every week at the venue between 10:30am - 2:30pm to enjoy a host of interesting activities and visits to enjoyable locations for trips out. The group frequently host guest speakers on a variety of subjects to both educate and entertain the day centre users.


SCLT safety presenter Matt gave the group a senior safety presentation on the risks associated with fraud and deception-type crime, which is frequently targetted at the elderly, he said “It has has been a really enjoyable visit to the folks of the West Huntspill Day Centre. I hope that they will have picked up a host of tips from my presentation that will help keep them safe in their daily lives."


Every attendee received a personal copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine


SCLT presenter, Matt Hawker (insert) visits West Huntspill Day Centre

West Huntspill