SCLT Presenter Visits Newport Senior Citizen Forum


Monday 10th July 2017, has seen SCLT volunteer enrichment presenter Jon Williams joining the monthly meeting of the Newport Senior Citizen Forum, which was held at the Newport Leisure Centre. The Forum meet regularly to discuss elder citizens issues, to benefit from interesting speakers on a range of subjects and simply to enjoy each other’s company.


The SCLT senior safety presentation focuses upon the increasing dangers of elder citizens falling victim to the huge rise in frauds and scams that have increasingly been targeted at the vulnerable, senior community. The presentation aims to empower elders by showcasing a variety of the current scams, which are directed at the elderly and how one should go about staying safe in later life’ This includes tips on avoiding financial harm through; telephone, e-mail, letter and doorstep fraud.


Jon has been a volunteer with the Senior Citizen Liaison Team Charity for many years and in 2017 was shortlisted as a finalist in the Wales Volunteer of the Year Awards. He is a committed advocate for the elder community and has spoken in conferences, both in the UK and abroad, about the issues associated with an ageing community and the rise in financial harm-type offences.


At the conclusion of the presentation, he commented; “I have enjoyed meeting all the members of Newport Senior Citizen Forum today and having the opportunity of sharing our message of avoiding financial harm in later life. The simple message is always the best to remember, and my message is this – if your instinct is telling you something is not right – walk away and don’t look back.


So often people are snared by these scams which offer financial incentives to engage with them. Often it could be the suggestion of a cash refund, compensation for a past financial commitment or even a tax rebate or unpaid court judgement. Just remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch”


Every member of the audience received a personal copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine. The crime prevention and lifestyle journal of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team Charity, which is published quarterly and available on SCLT website:


SCLT volunteer, Jon Williams (not pictured) Visits Newport Older Persons Forum

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