SCLT Public Presentation Team Visit Milton Probus Club


Tuesday 11th July has seen SCLT enrichment presenter Jon Williams, accepting an invitation to join  the monthly meeting of the Chepstow Probus Club at the Rugby Football Club of Chepstow. At the regular monthly meetings, the members enjoy the fellowship of the Probus ethos and are entertained by guest speakers on a variety of interesting subjects.


The word Probus is an abbreviation of the words PROfessional and BUSiness, however membership is not restricted to these two groups. It also embraces former executives of Government and other organisations, in fact anyone who held a position of responsibility during their professional life.


Probus clubs provide an opportunity for retired professionals to attend regular meetings with like-minded people who appreciate similar interests and social standing. Probus is an organisation for active retirees who enjoy the camaraderie that belonging to this organisation brings.


Probus provides a support network for professionals when they retire, these clubs were initially started for men but over the years has seen a steady growth in Ladies and Mixed clubs. Many clubs have extensive networking, social programmes, which include meetings with other Probus clubs, group trips, holidays and involvement in community projects etc.


The concept of Probus was born in the UK and has grown to be a huge success worldwide. One Australian gentleman said to a British member in the late seventies, “Probus is the best export the UK has ever had”.


The presentation explored the remarkable societal advances that have taken place over the last 30-years, which have led to the United Kingdom seeing the average life expectancy of its citizens increasing by 30-years since 1913. As well as the offering advice around the latest senior deceptions doing the rounds and offering tips to stay safer into later life.


At the conclusion of his visit, Jon commented, “I have really enjoyed joining the gentlemen of the Probus Club of Chepstow for their monthly meeting today. The audience have been very engaged with the subject and many shared their own experiences of being targeted by deceptions and scams. I am sure that they will all have benefited from our highly thought provoking presentation, which prompts the audience to think how they will next deal with a scam or fraud”


Every member of the audience received a personal copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine, which is produced by the Senior Citizen Liaison Team and published quarterly online and via a local network of outlets.


SCLT volunteer, Jon Williams (not pictured) visits Chepstow Probus

Jon Chepstow Probus Jon Speech