SCLT Public Presentation Team Visit Bristol & Bath ‘Boundless’(CSMA) Group


Thursday 19th October 2017, has seen SCLT volunteer Ash Jones accepting an invitation to join the monthly gathering of the members of the Bristol and Bath Boundless Group at the Somerdale Pavilion on the site of the former Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Keynsham. As part of the Public Presentation Team enrichment lecture series, Ash delivered the highly regarded ‘Dracula: The Man Behind the Myth’ presentation to the spellbound audience. The presentation takes the audience on the remarkable journey of Vlad Dracul III, the man also known as ‘Vlad The Impaler’, who has become synonymous as being the historical figure that Abraham Stoker based his character ‘Count Dracula’ upon in his gothic novel of 1897. The presentation, which is beautifully illustrated for PowerPoint/Keynote delivery, contains video and sounds effects that kept the audience on the edge of their seats for the whole 50-minute presentation.  


Boundless is the new name of the Civil Service Motoring Association (CSMA), which is a mutual organisation. It was founded as the Civil Service Motoring Association in 1923 by Frank Vernon Edwards, an executive officer in the Ministry of Labour who had an interest in motorcycle trials. The CSMA Club was designed to be a small motorsport organisation of around 300 members, but by 1930 the membership was over 5,000. The membership currently stands at around 300,000.


Originally concentrating on the sporting and leisure activities associated with motoring, Boundless by CSMA has developed into primarily a provider of membership benefits in motoring, lifestyle and leisure areas. Today its member benefits include discounts on insurance, shopping, holidays, banking, new cars, attraction tickets, cinema, travel, leisure and roadside rescue, providing these through relationships with Approved Partners, notably LV= Frizzell Insurance, with which it has worked since 1923.


Local groups meet regularly to enjoy high quality guest speakers, lively discussion on current affairs and to plan activities that will benefit the club membership. These include travel, group dining and a multitude of other events to make the most of everyone’s valuable leisure time. Members of the club also have access to a range of specialist clubs and groups focusing on hobbies and interests from classic cars to photography, as well as a range of national events throughout the UK.


At the end of his visit, Ash commented, “My visit to Bristol & Bath Boundless Group has been a great success. It seems that everyone enjoyed the evening and I am always pleased to get through one of our remarkably immersive Dracula presentations, without losing any of the audience through feinting or nervous delirium. In all seriousness though, we introduced our new enrichment series of lectures about 2-years ago, to allow us to engage with groups who may not otherwise wish to request one of our senior safety presentations, which aim to protect the vulnerable elderly community from the financial harm caused by scams.


Our enrichment series means that we get invited to speak with groups like Boundless and to provide them with some entertainment and information which provides benefit to their group. Tonight it has been about the historically interesting character of Dracula. But we also provide a number of other lectures on other historical figures, human endeavour and celebrated achievements. Crucially, when we visit groups with our enrichment lectures, we also ensure that every member of the audience receives a personal copy of our award-winning Senior Siren magazine, so they have access to our suite of protective services for the vulnerable senior community”