SCLT Public Presentation Team Visit Swindon U3A  


Monday 13th November 2017 has seen SCLT volunteer Ash Jones accepting an invitation to join the regular group meeting of the very popular Swindon University of the Third Age (U3A) at their monthly gathering at Ellendene Community Centre in Wroughton, as a guest speaker on the subject of senior deception and safety.  


 The University of the Third Age (U3A) movement is a unique and exciting organisation which provides, through its U3As, life-enhancing and life-changing opportunities. Retired and semi-retired people come together and learn together, not for qualifications but for its own reward: the sheer joy of discovery!  


Although U3A stands for University of the Third Age, this simply means the groups cover a universe of interests, everyone is welcome, no qualifications are required and none are given. The total emphasis is on a desire to learn and a willingness to share your skills and abilities. All that is needed is enthusiasm, participation and mutual respect. Members meet during the day at weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals, either in their homes or at a suitable location. Each group has a convener - you can email most of them directly with just a click from this website:


  The senior safety presentation focused on some interesting facts around the extent and consequences of the ageing population of the United Kingdom, before leading the audience through the evolution of the SCLT Charity and discussing some of the more common scams which are targeted at the senior community and some useful tips on staying safe into later life.  


 At the conclusion of his visit, Ash commented, “My visit to SwindonU3A has been very enjoyable and the audience seemed to really connect with the senior safeguarding message. The U3A is a really great organisation, which encourages peer interaction and ongoing, adult learning. I have implored the group to keep an eye out for their friends, neighbours and relatives, who may be less fortunate and at risk of financial harm from the heartless criminal fraternity, who would use the fragilities of later life to help them perpetuate their abhorrent crimes”


Every member of the audience received a personal copy of the Senior Siren magazine – the award-winning crime prevention and lifestyle magazine of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team.

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