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Tuesday 15th November 2017 has seen SCLT volunteer Ash Jones accepting an invitation to join the monthly group meeting of the Friends of Blake Museum group, who meet every month to enjoy guest speakers on a variety of interesting subjects. The group were treated to one of the most popular SCLT enrichment presentations on the subject of the British Honours System, which includes the history of national honours, the various types and grades of awards and how to nominate someone for recognition for worthy acts. The presentation is complemented by a PowerPoint presentation, including video and sound content.


The Blake Museum was founded in 1926 by the Bridgwater Borough Council. In 1974, with the Local  Government re-organisation, ownership was transferred to the newly formed Sedgemoor District  Council. In 2000 The Friends of Blake Museum was formed to promote and support the improvement of  the Blake Museum. In 2009 and under threat of closure, the ownership was transferred to the  Bridgwater Town Council.  The museum is now managed entirely by volunteers, and since April 2009 it has played a vital part in  running the museum and caring for the collection. Under the guidance of the Curators, the volunteers  carry out numerous tasks including cleaning, visitor reception, manning the shop, cataloguing,  research, transcribing, assisting with school visits and assisting the curators with displays. During the  Winter closure much of the maintenance work is done like painting, re varnishing floors etc.  The group are always keen to welcome new volunteers as Custodians. If you can spare a minimum of three  hours a week they would like to hear from you (website:


At the conclusion of his visit, Ash commented, “My visit to this meeting of the Friends of Blake Museum Group has been like having a chat with a group of old friends, such is the welcoming atmosphere of the location and the wonderful audience. I hope I have been able to impart my enthusiasm for the subject to the members of the group and maybe one of them will go away and make a nomination for someone that they know, who deserves national recognition for their good deeds”


Every member of the audience received a personal copy of the Senior Siren magazine – the award-winning crime prevention and lifestyle magazine of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team.

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