SCLT Trustee Participates in Safeguarding Week  


Monday 13th – Friday 18th November is national safeguarding week in the UK and the Senior Citizen Liaison Team Charity has been working alongside its many statutory and voluntary partners to raise awareness of the different forms abuse and the part everyone can play in helping to spot abuse. This has included the Public Presentation Team making 6 appearances during the week, at varied events throughout its area of operation. Today, Tuesday 14th November 2017, has seen one of the charity’s volunteers attending a specially arranged event at Pontypool Active Living Centre in Gwent.


Jon Williams, one of the SCLT Charity’s most in-demand public speakers and an award-winning volunteer charity trustee, was invited to a safeguarding seminar for safety professionals, volunteers and media observers who are actively involved in the wider safeguarding community. Jon gave a keynote speech to the esteemed audience on the subject of the impact of the UK’s aging community and what dangers are faced by our vulnerable, elder citizens, who are subjected to devastating fraud offences, often losing their life’s savings, to increasingly organised scam-criminals.


Jon has been involved in the senior safeguarding element of the SCLT Charity for many years, he commented, “The effect of being a victim of a fraud-type offence on a vulnerable, older person can be quite literally life-ending, as I have encountered many victims, who have died shortly after falling prey to a scam. Everyone who regularly comes into contact with elderly citizens has a responsibility to act if they see the signs that someone is at risk.


It could be as simple as noticing that a friend or relative is purchasing lots of inexpensive items or health and beauty products via the postal system – which can often be an indicator that the victim is being targeted by a mail scam. Or that an elderly neighbour is having some work done on their home or garden by a trader who looks inappropriate for the work being carried out, or the work looks below par – which can often be a sign that a resident is being targeted by a rogue trader.


I have used my keynote speech to encourage my fellow volunteers and their counterparts in the professional services represented here today, to be vigilant and also to be inquisitive into the welfare of the vulnerable. If you think something seems wrong or presents a danger to an older person, don’t just walk-by, but do your civic duty and do something, even if it is just making a call to the police or social services. After all, we will all be elderly one day – if we’re lucky – and when we enter our own twilight years, we will be glad to think someone would step in to help us if we were in trouble. Well, now is the time of our lives where we can step in and help others”

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