SCLT Public Presentation Team Train Gwent Police Staff


Throughout the month of February 2017, SCLT volunteer and charity trustee Mr Jon Williams will be undertaking a series of specialist training sessions with officers of Gwent Police, at their training facility in Cwmbran.


The sessions, which will be delivered to over 100 officers over the training programme, will focus upon increasing officer awareness of the dangers of financial harm for senior citizens and the many scams and deceptions that elders face in daily life.


Jon commented, " I am absolutely delighted that Gwent Police have taken the step of training their staff in the subject of senior safety and that I will have trained every Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) during the scheduled sessions.


In 2016 the SCLT carried out 10 similar training sessions with hundreds of police officers of Gwent Police and I still get regular contact from attendees at the sessions, who have been seeking further advice around safeguarding the elder community"



SCLT presenter Jon Williams