Veteran SCLT Volunteer Receives Civic Recognition for Years of Dedicated Service


Wednesday 21st March 2018 has seen longstanding SCLT volunteer Jon Williams being honoured with a prestigious High Sheriff's Exceptional Citizenship Award for his many years of dedicated service to the Senior Citizen Liaison Team Charity in the protection of the older adult community.


Jon, who is also a serving police officer with Gwent Police, has been a volunteer with the charity from its earliest days in 2009 and stepped-up to become a trustee in 2012. Since that time, he has been an integral member of the SCLT Public Presentation Team, which provides a crime prevention and safety education programme for the most vulnerable, elder members of the community. Jon gives dozens of presentations every year to literally thousands of older adults throughout Wales.


In addition to his safety education activities, Jon is also the editor-in-chief of the Senior Siren magazine, the mass media publication of the SCLT Charity, which reaches out to as many as 250,000 readers with every edition. For the last 3-years since taking up the mantle of editor, Jon edits the content of the magazine, from the numerous sources which provide the articles, as well as designing the publication and even contributing several articles as an original content writer.


Jon received his High Sheriff's Certificate from Mr Kevin Thomas JP, who is the High Sheriff of Gwent for 2017/18. Mr Thomas presented the certificate at an intimate and friendly investiture ceremony, which was held in a popular refreshment venue in the Gwent town of Abergavenny. Also present at the ceremony were a number of other local dignitaries including the Mayor and Mayoress of Abergavenny and the Chair of Trustees of the SCLT Charity, who had gathered to witness the happy event.


At the commencement of the ceremony, the High Sheriff addressed the gathered audience, “Jon Williams is a champion of some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, as far as I can see his efforts in this arena are totally without peer. His voluntary work includes giving dozens of safety presentations every year, producing the fantastic Senior Safety magazine and designing tailored safety presentations for those suffering with Alzheimer’s and other memory conditions.


He has supported the Older Persons Commissioner for Wales in her role and he has personally delivered vulnerability training to every frontline police officer and PCSO in Gwent Police, over 1000 staff and all achieved in his own time and totally unpaid.


In Short, Jon is an absolute gem and it is my happy duty today to thank him on behalf of society, by awarding him the Gwent High Sheriffs' Award for 2018”


Following the official investiture of the High Sheriff's Certificate for Exceptional Citizenship, Jon addressed the audience of wellwishers, who had gathered at the Coffee Pot Cafe to witness the event, he said, "I am deeply grateful to the High Sheriff for singling me out for this prestigious award, it goes against my diffident nature to take the spotlight, as it is my pleasure to undertake these activities for the SCLT charity, I really do feel like I am just having a chat with some wonderful elders and in so doing, I hope to help protect them from harm. I feel that this honour is a lovely pat on the back for what myself and everyone involved with the charity have been doing over the years and good feedback is always nice to receive. Very many thanks to veryone who has supported me and the whole SCLT team and deepest thanks for this wonderful award"   

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High Sheriff Recognises SCLT Volunteer's  Service