Public Presentation Team Visit – Six Bells Memory Café, Abertillery.


Wednesday 18th April 2018, has seen SCLT volunteer Jon Williams joining the twice monthly meeting of the Abertillery Memory Café, which is held in Ty Ebbw, Six Bells (Abertillery) to deliver a specialised senior safety presentation for older adults who may be suffering from some form of memory loss, or for their carers and relatives to assist in their daily activities.


The group meet every other Wednesday from 10:30am – 12:30pm, where people with dementia and their carers can meet to socialise, take part in activities, and also gain information about the debilitating effects of the disease and to gain their support of their peers.


Visitors to the group enjoy the welcoming and supportive environment of the gathering, where they frequently enjoy guest speakers on a variety of subjects, as well as partaking of light refreshments and engaging conversation.


Following his presentation, Jon commented, “Although suffering from dementia and memory loss can be a devastating blow for an individual and their close family, groups like this wonderful club in Six Bells can really make a difference to the quality of life for people who have been affected by the effects of Alzheimer’s.

Realising that there are others also experiencing similar challenges can help to share the burden of the  situation and stave of the feelings of loneliness and isolation. As a previous visitor to this little group, I always enjoy joining the audience in a journey through the pitfalls of senior safety and deception offences. I hope my visits help offer protective advice to everyone to help them stay safe in later life, regardless of personal circumstances”


 Every member of the audience received a personal copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine, which is produced by the Senior Citizen Liaison Team and published quarterly online and via a local network of outlets.