SCLT Public Presentation Team Visit South East Wales Ambulance NHS Retirement Fellowship


Wednesday 10th January 2018, as seen veteran SCLT volunteer, Mr Jon Williams attending the monthly meeting of the South East Wales Ambulance NHS Retirement Fellowship at the Harvester venue in Pontypool to deliver a comprehensive and fully electronically illistrated presentation on avoiding financial harm from scams and frauds in later life.


The group of former NHS Ambulance Service professionals, meet each month to meet and spend time with other like-minded people, to enjoy existing friendships, make new friends and enjoy themselves together. Other membership benefits include a range of discounts, interest groups and holidays, which can be enjoyed by the 10,000 members of the Fellowship, who are spread throughout the United Kingdom of Breat Britain and Northern Ireland.


The senior safety presentation focused on some interesting facts around the extent and consequences of the ageing population of the United Kingdom, before leading the audience through the evolution of the SCLT Charity and discussing some of the more common scams which are targeted at the senior community and some useful tips on staying safe into later life.


At the conclusion of the session, Jon commented, “I have really enjoyed my visit to the members of the South East Wales Ambulance NHS Retirement Fellowship . The audience were really engaged with our message of senior safety and avoiding frauds. There were many great questions from the crowd, although it was a sad indictment of the topic, that almost all of the ladies had been the victims of fraud or attempted fraud. Hopefully after today's session, the members will feel empowered to deal appropriately with all those scam emails, letters, phone calls and even bogus callers, that they may encounter in their daily lives.”


Every member of the audience received a personal copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine, the free, periodical publication of the SCLT Charity, which offers tips and advice around staying safe in later life, as well as a variety of other lifestyle articles and puzzles, recipes, etc. to make life a little more colourful, regardless of age. Read the latest copy by clicking the 'Senior Siren' tab at the top of the page.

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