Public Presentation Team Visit -  Midsomer Norton Ladies Luncheon Club


Public Presentation Team Visit – Midsomer Norton Ladies Luncheon Club


Tuesday 17th July 2018 has seen SCLT volunteer Ash Jones giving  a presentation on the Nobel Prizes to the members of the Midsomer Norton Ladies Luncheon Club at their  at their monthly meeting at the Centurion Hotel (Best western Plus), Charlton Lane, Radstock (BA3 4BD).


The Ladies Luncheon Club is a networking and companionship group for ladies who enjoy catching up with local affairs and discussing current events, as well as reminiscing about times gone by and also planning events and trips for the future.


The Nobel Prize presentation takes the audience on a journey through the fascinating history of the World's most prestigious international award ~ presented for excellence in the fields of; literature, medicine, physics, economics, chemistry and peace. The talk explains why Alfred Nobel established the award, how individuals and groups are selected for the honour and considers some of the more well-known and celebrated Nobel Laureates. The intriguing talk, was created by one of the SCLT volunteer presenters, who has researched this theme at the Nobel Centre in Stockholm.


At the conclusion of the presentation, which featured audio and video content, Ash commented “I always enjoys regaling our elder audiences with the Nobel story and bringing new information to the group. Everyone enjoyed the talk and we were able to help protect the members of the Club by ensuring that everyone received a personal copy of our Senior Siren magazine and have made them aware of how to book another talk from our collection of senior safety presentations”