Public Presentation Team Visit Somerton History Society


Public Presentation Team Visit - Somerton Historical Society


Thursday 26th July 2018 has seen the SCLT Public Presentation Team being hosted by the Somerton History Society for a stirring rendition of the Team’s highly acclaimed and historically factual talk on the life and times of Field Marshal Viscount William Slim, a towering military leader of the South East Asia (Burma) campaign of the Second World War. Slim, was known as ‘Uncle Bill’ by his soldiers due to his personable manner and understated sense of ego, lead the 14th ‘Forgotten’ Army to a crushing victory over the formidable Imperial Japanese Army, who, up to that point had never tasted defeat on the field of battle.


This success was all the more remarkable as Slim, the son of an iron-monger from Bristol, had been terribly wounded on the bloody battlefields of Gallipoli in the First World War and given the Last Rites, before making a spirited recovery to return to the battlefield and winning the Military Cross in one of many inspiring acts of personal leadership against the enemy.


Although largely overlooked in the modern era for the more famous WW2 generals, who sought later high office and public adoration, Slim’s achievements as a military leader remain some of the pivotal actions by any general in British, if not World, military history.


The Somerton History Society meet monthly to enjoy talks on historical subjects, as well as arranging site visits to museums and other locations of historical relevance



SCLT volunteer Ash Jones is an enrichment lecturer with the charity and delivered the presentation to the members of the historical society, he commented "I have really enjoyed my visit to the beautiful town of Somerton this evening. It is my privilage to share the remarkable life-story of 'Uncle' Bill Slim with the audience. The Slim Story is very much the account of a man who left a huge legacy in regards to his contribution to the victory over Japan in Burma.


It is somewhat tragic that his deeds have mostly been forgotten now, as we look back to the Second World War. But it brings me great personal satisfaction to keep his memory alive and to honour one of Britain's forgotten Heroes

Somerston 1 Ash in hat