Public Presentation Team Support Bath Anti-Fraud Event


Public Presentation Team Support Bath Anti-Fraud Event


Monday 3rd September 2018 has seen the SCLT Public Presentation Team attending a special fraud awareness conference for professionals and other interested parties at the historic Guildhall in the City of Bath in North East Somerset. The event was arranged by the local neighbourhood policing team for the Bath Central area, who had arranged the event as part of their plan to try and ameliorate the significant increase in fraud offences being recorded by the police over the last few years.


Sergeant Jon Raisey was the organiser of the event, which saw over 100 delegates over the course of the event, which featured both a morning and afternoon session to ensure as many attendees were able to benefit from the event as possible. Delegates included staff from the many banks and financial institutions in the City, as well as retail employees, council staff and other members of the community with an interest in fraud.



Veteran SCLT volunteer Ash Jones is a safety & enrichment lecturer with the charity and delivered the opening keynote presentation in both the sessions, he commented "Today has been a really good event and has draw togther many key-influencers in the field of fraud prevention in the Bath and North East Somerset area. I was delighted to contribute to the event as one of the guest speakers, where I was able to highlight the unique features and dangers of financial abuse from fraud that the elder community suffer.


Sergeant Raisey and his team deserve considerable acclaim for their organisation of this splendid event. It is deeply heartening that these highly professional, yet extremely busy officers have made the time to plan and prepare this event, which has proved very useful for all who attended"

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