SCLT Public Presentation Team Visit Chepstow Wesley Guild


Tuesday 30th January 2018, has seen veteran volunteer presenter Jon Williams of the SCLT Public Presentation Team spending an evening with the members of the Chepstow Wesley Guild at their weekly meeting at the Wesley Room, which is situated in the first floor area of the Chepstow Methodist Church, Albion Square, Chepstow


The Wesley Guild is part of the social and caring life of the Methodist Church and was initially established by the Methodist Church over 100 years ago and is often described as a "Youth Club for Adults”. It is open to all church members and friends, allowing plenty of time for fellowship and conversation and offers a varied programme of speakers with diverse interests, devotional, cultural, Christian services and social events. Over the past year there have been talks on Kinderchildren, Guide dogs for the blind, Lave fishing, as well as mini concerts from Thornbury singers, Tessa Sullivan (Harp), Mike Lea (Flute), Theatre trips (Warhorse) and meals out.


Jon provided the group with a fully facilitated keynote presentation on staying safe in later life, which a particular focus upon avoiding financial harm from the many frauds and scams that older folks encounter every day through the internet, mail or telephone, as well as rogue traders and doorstep frauds. The award-winning SCLT presentation includes videos and fully illustrated visual aids as well as audio and sound content.


At the conclusion of his visit, Jon commented’ “What a great crowd the Wesley Guild have been today. They were very attentive and absorbed all the advice I was able to offer around being extremely cautious when dealing with any encounter in which an unknown source asks for personal or financial details. I hope every member of my audience will go away feeling a little bit more confident about handling the next scam event that touches their lives.”


Every member of the audience received a personal copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine, the free, periodical publication of the SCLT Charity, which offers tips and advice around staying safe in later life, as well as a variety of other lifestyle articles and puzzles, recipes, etc. to make life a little more colourful, regardless of age. Read the latest copy by clicking the 'Senior Siren' tab at the top of the page.

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