SCLT Volunteer Presenter Attends International Conference in USA


5th - 7th November 2018 has seen SCLT volunteer Ash jones journeying to the city of Providence, Rhode Island in the United States to attend the 28th International Problem Oriented Policing Conference as a specially invited guest speaker.


The annual Problem-Oriented Policing Conference is often described by attendees as the most substantive policing conference they’ve ever attended. Each year, police officers and police leaders, and all the ranks in between, as well as crime consultants and crime researchers, come together to discuss what they’ve learned about trying to reduce different crime and safety problems.


SCLT Volunteer Presenter Attends International Conference in USA

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Attendees choose the workshops they’ll attend from an agenda that will feature more than 20 different crime and safety problems. In addition, leading up to the POP Conference, the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing sponsors an international competition to identify the top problem-solving projects of the year. These are also presented at the Conference and attendees help in judging the winning project for the Herman Goldstein Award for Excellence in Problem-Oriented Policing, which for 2018 was won by Chula Vista Police (USA) for an initiative involving the reduction of domestic violence, which has reached almost epidemic proportions within it's locality.

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Ash, who has been a volunteer with the SCLT Charity since it's inception in 2009, was invited to the conference to deliver two presentations over the 3-day event on the subject of senior vulnerability and how the SCLT Charity has helped protect elders in the UK.


At the conclusion of the event, he commented, "It has been a great privilage to have attended this excellent conference and to have had the opportunity to influence police officers and law enforcement experts from some 14 countries around the globe.


Hopefully many will take away some tips from the success that we have achieved in the UK and will go on to create their own initiatives that safeguard vulnerable elder citizens.


I have made several contacts myself and will be following-up on these in the coming weeks to see how I can help international colleagues improve their services".