Public Presentation Team Visits - Retired Ambulance Fellowship Group


Wednesday 14th November 2018, has seen long-standing SCLT Public Presentation Team volunteer, Mr Jon Williams, attending the monthly gathering of the S.E. WALES AMBULANCE NHS RETIREMENT FELLOWSHIP, who meet every month at the Premier Inn, Tyr Felin, Lower Mill Field, Pontypool (NP4 0RH).



The Fellowship exists to maintain friendships and to provide opportunities for members to make new friends through a range of social and leisure activities. This includes regular luncheons, guest speakers, outings and other social events.


Jon delivered the highly acclaimed SCLT Senior Safe Driving presentation, which has been expertly created to help advise older drivers on tips and techniques to stay driver safer, for longer. At the conclusion of his presentation, Jon commented, "Like most drivers, older drivers pick up many habits that may adversely affect their safety when negotiating our increasingly busy roads. Our presentation, which has been written by an elder drivering expert and leading police driver, is crafted to help elder drivers recognised elements of their driving that may merit remedial attention. We also highlight organisations and resources that may help drivers correct their poor habits and stay safer on the roads for longer into later-life"


Public Presentation Team Visits - Retired Ambulance Fellowship Group