Public Presentation Team Visits - St Andrews Church Filton - 'Friday Friends' Group


Friday 16th November 2018, has seen long-standing SCLT volunteer Ash Jones, attending the fortnightly gathering of the Friday Friends Group at St Andrews Church in Filton, South Gloucerstershire.


The Fellowship of friends meet to share companionship, enjoy local current affairs and to enjoy a host of sociable activities to ensure everyone stays engaged with the community. The group also enjoy a range of guest-speakers to entertain and infom the wide spectrum of interests enjoyed by the members.


Ash delivered the highly acclaimed SCLT Senior Safety presentation, which seeks to empower the older adult community to spot the many scams and fraud that they are exposed to on a daily basis, as well as giving them a personal armoury of tools to combat victimisation at the hands of the unscrupulous fraudsters. At the conclusion of his presentation, Ash commented, "It is unfortunate to think that every member of tonight's audience raised their hands at the start of my presentation when I asked if anyone had been targeted by a scam. It is a sign of the times that fraud has now become the No 1 crime in the UK and is set to continue to increase in the years ahead, as more and more the population become reliant upon mass communication platforms, such as the internet and telephones.


I hope that my presentation this evening will have offered some tips for spotting a scam and what to do if one enters the lives of the audience. Sadly scams and frauds look set to dominate the crime landscape for the foreseeable future - but the good news is that the Senior Citizen LiaisonTeam Charity will also be here - doing our best to offset the risks and protecting the vulnerable"


Public Presentation Team Visits - St Andrews 'Friday Friends' Group in Filton

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