SCLT Public Presentation Team Attend Ceremony at Baitul Futuh Mosque


Friday 7th December 2018, has seen SCLT volunteers Ash Jones & Jon Williams attending a prestigious ceremony at the Baitul Futuh Mosque to receive a donation from the Ahmadiyyan Muslim community to support the work of the SCLT Charity.


Each year the Ahmadiyyan Muslim community undertake a Charity Walk for Peace which raises many thousands of pounds, which is subsequently used to support worthy charity causes throughout the UK. In 2018 the Walk for Peace raised the remarkable sum of £1-million, which which will make an enormous difference to many small charity organisations as well as many more established third sector organisations.


The cheque ceremony was held at the global headquarters of the Ahmadiyyan Muslim Community at the Baitul Futuh Mosque in Surrey and saw representatives of many of the supported charities meeting the leaders of the Amadiyyan Muslim community and accepting the donations.



SCLT Charity Supported by Ahmadiyyan Muslim Charitable Donation



At the conclusion of the ceremony Ash Jones, who is a long-standing volunteer with the SCLT Charity,  commented, “The Ahmadiyyan Muslim community have long been very generous supporters of the SCLT Charity and we have been delighted to have supported many of their events over the last 5-years. They are tremendously community-minded people, who seek to serve the virtues of peace and public service in all aspects of their lives. We are honoured to be supported by their Charity Walk for Peace and look forward to working together in the coming years"