Public Presentation Team Visits - Crockerne Retired Mens Society


Thursday 13th December 2018, has seen long-standing SCLT volunteer Ash Jones, attending the monthly gathering of the Crockerne Retired Mens Society at Pill Community Centre in North Somerset to deliver the very highly acclaimed SCLT enrichment presentation on the Nobel Prizes.


The large, friendly group of retired gentlemen meet regularly to enjoy guest speakers on a variety of interesting subjects, arrange localoutings to places of interest, as well as the simple pleasures of enjoying each other's company and discussing local matters of interest.


The Nobel Prize presentation takes the audience on a journey through the fascinating history of the World's most prestigious international award ~ presented for excellence in the fields of; literature, medicine, physics, economics, chemistry and peace. The talk explains why Alfred Nobel established the award, how individuals and groups are selected for the honour and considers some of the more well-known and celebrated Nobel Laureates. The intriguing talk, was created by one of the SCLT volunteer presenters, who has researched this theme at the Nobel Centre in Stockholm.


At the conclusion of his presentation, Ash commented, "It is my singular pleasure to be able to join groups such as the Crockerne Retired Men's Society to share my knowledge of the Nobel Prizes, as well as discussing financial abuse by frauds & scams that can affect anyone in society, but particularly the elderly.


The gents have been fantastic hosts todat and it has been a joy to join them and share their meeting. I hope they will have learned some things from my presentation that will protect them for many years of membership of the society"


Every member of the audience received a copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine (available by clicking on thr Senior Siren tab at the top of this website)


Public Presentation Team Visits - Crockerne Retired Mens Group

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