SCLT Public Presentation Team Join Church Street Methodist Friendship Club


Tuesday 20th February 2018 has seen SCLT volunteer Ash Jones joining the weekly meeting of the Church Street Methodist Friendship Club at the Methodist Church on Lower Church Road in Weston super Mare.


The Friendship Club is for retired people to meet and socialise. They host a weekly meeting, where attendees can listen to a range of entertaining speakers, exchange views, generally support one another, and catch up on local happenings.


The group benefited from one of the award-winning enrichment lectures of the SCLT Public Presentation Team, which provide an interesting mix of entertainment with information for the discerning audience. The lecture selected for today's visit was the highly emotional, 'Animals at War: The Dickin Medal' - This delightful and often emotional presentation takes the audience on a journey through the recent history of animals at war. By useing examples of some remarkable creatures who, through extreme gallantry or devotion to duty, have been awarded the Dickin Medal - known as the Victoria Cross for animals. We are able to see what a huge contribution to human history, has been made by creatures of all kinds - from the largest to the smallest. This presentation includes video content and sound and is suitable for audiences of all age ranges


At the conclusion of the highly interactive and engaging presentation, SCLT veteran presenter Ash Jones commented, “It has been a real privilege to be invited to join the members of the Friendship Club and to be able to help make them a little safer and more secure, by sharing with them the history of the Dickin Medal”


Every member of the audience received a personal copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine – the quarterly publication of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team, which offers crime prevention advice and a host of other lifestyle information for seniors and those who support elder family members.

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