Public Presentation Team Pontypool Retired Ambulance Fellowship


Public Presentation Team Visit - Pontypool Retired Ambualance Fellowship Group


Wednesday 13th February 2019 has seen the SCLT Public Presentation Team being hosted by the Pontypool Retired Ambualance Fellowship Group for one of their spine tingling renditions of their enrichment lectures called 'Dracula: The Man Behind th Myth'.


The presentation asks the audience - "So, you think you know about Dracula?" -  The Prince of Transylvania, who lived in Bran Castle and was the sadistic tyrant of his people?  You couldn’t be more wrong!  The reality is far more fascinating and heartbreaking than any film or legend. - A thrilling presentation created by one of our own presenters (owner of land in Transylvania and a firm fan of the tragic ‘Voivode’) will leave you amazed about the life of the man who nearly changed the entire course of history and that over 65% of modern day Romanians would choose to be their president today! -


Due to the nature of some of the content, it is recommended to those aged 12-years of age or over only



SCLT volunteer Jon Williams is a safety & enrichment lecturer with the charity and delivered the presentation to the members of the U3A, he commented "It's always a pleasure to impart safety advice and offer the support of the SCLT Charity to fantastic peer groups such as the Pontypool Retired Ambulance Fellowship. They are a really industrious organisation and allow their members to learn many new things in later life, at the same time as making new friends and discovering more about the many facets of local life.


As ever, I leave the presentation having learned a lot from my audience. They really engaged with the Dracula message and I'm sure that most from the audience are now more confident in dealing with the vampire situations that they will encounter in the future"

Jon Ambulance