SCLT Public Presentation Team Join Weston-super-Mare Tangent Group for Dinner Event


Wednesday 6th March 2019 has seen SCLT volunteer Ashley Jones continuing the 2019 senior enrichment lecture season with a visit to the ladies of Clevedon Tangent Group at The Masonic Hall which is situated near the iconic seafront in the Victorian town of Clevedon.


The National Association of Tangent Clubs is an organisation for women, mainly aged over 45, with a focus on making friends and enjoying a programme of interesting and fun activities, eating out, theatre, walks as well as sometimes supporting local and national causes through fundraising events


The Inaugural meeting of the Association of Tangent Clubs took place at the Hinton Firs Hotel, Bournemouth, in 1965. It was agreed there that the time had not yet arrived to form a National Association, but that there would be a meeting each year. The main object of the Association should be to continue the friendships made in Ladies’ Circle and to help Circle when required to do so. In 1967 a Chairman was elected to serve for a whole year. A Jewel was presented and the Chairman had the honour to represent Tangent at the Ladies’ Circle Annual General Meeting in 1968 for the first time. The National Association of Tangent Clubs was formed in 1970.


Members of Tangent will mostly be, or will have been, a member of the Ladies circle or the wife or female partner of a current or past member of Round Table. With effect from the AGM held in Southport on the 18th April 2009 Clubs may, at their discretion, accept as members individuals for whom membership of Ladies Circle was not possible.


Ash delivered the acclaimed SCLT enrichment lecture on ‘Animals at War: The Dickin Medal’ - This delightful and often emotional presentation takes the audience on a journey through the recent history of animals at war. By using examples of some remarkable creatures who, through extreme gallantry or devotion to duty, have been awarded the Dickin Medal - known as the Victoria Cross for animals. We are able to see what a huge contribution to human history, has been made by creatures of all kinds - from the largest to the smallest. This presentation included video content and sound and is suitable for audiences of all age ranges (warning: bring a handkerchief - it is a tear-jerker).


At the conclusion of the  presentation, Ashley commented, “I have very much enjoyed meeting the ladies of the Clevedon Tangent Group and discovering more about their activities within the community over a pleasing dinner. I was very impressed with the charity work which is undertaken, whilst at the same time offering a useful social engagement activity for the more senior members of the group”


Public Presentation Team Visit - Clevedon Tangent Group

Clevedon Tangent