Public Presentation Team Visit – Creech St Michael 'Tea Break' Group


Tuesday 2nd April 2019 has seen SCLT enrichment presenter Ash Jones, accepting an invitation to join  the regular meeting of the Blagdon Retirement Village Social Group as their guest speaker on the subject of 'Uncle Bill - Britain's Forgotten Hero'


The 'Tea Break' Club meet monthly to enjoy tea and treats in the afternoon, as well as being entertained by a guest speaker on a variety of interesting and informative subjects.


Uncle Bill: Britain's Forgotten Hero - This presentation explores the life of Bristol-born soldier, Field Marshal, Viscount William 'Bill' Slim. Known affectionately as 'Uncle Bill' by his soldiers. Slim commanded the 14th 'Forgotten' Army in the bitterly fought Burma Campaign of WW2, recovering from the 1000-mile retreat from Burma to India, only to return 2-years later to defeat the Japanese in the steaming jungles of South East Asia. In 2011, a survey conducted by the National Army Museum saw Slim voted  as Britain's greatest general. Now largely forgotten by the British public, this presentation reminds us of his humble beginnings, his early military career and his later life as Governor General of Australia, as well as the high-points of his Second World War successes. This presentation includes video and sound and is aimed at all audiences.


At the conclusion of his visit, Ash commented, “I have really enjoyed joining the wonderful audience of elders at the Tea Break Club today. I have had the privilage of being a guest speaker here in the past and it is a joy to speand the afternoon sharing my knowledge of Bill Slim with so many interested attendees"


Every member of the audience received a personal copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine, which is produced by the Senior Citizen Liaison Team and published quarterly online and via a local network of outlets.


Public Presentation Team Visit - Creech St Michael 'Tea Break' Group

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