SCLT Public Presentation Team Visit – Release Potent Elder Safety Lecture on Video


March2019, has seen SCLT volunteer Jon Williams making a much anticipated appearance as the keynote speaker at the latest innovation Short & Snappy Learning Conference at the Headquarters of Avon & Somerset Police in Portishead near Bristol, where he addressed the gathered audience of police officers and police support staff on the subject of 'The Challenges of an Ageing Population to the Emergency Services'


Public Presentation Team Release Elder Safety Video Lecture

Jon Video Prep IMG_9961


The session was keenly attended by so many delegates, that the venue reached maximum capacity some weeks previously and many potential attendees had to be sadly turned away. Whilst this was unfortunate, it is also a great sign that awareness on this topic is growing within the emergency service sector.


To ensure the message could be captured and shared with an even larger audience, Jon was immediately whisked away to a recording studio where his presentation was filmed and will be released via a media sharing platform in the near future.


Jon, who is a 10-year veteran volunteer with the SCLT Charity and also considered to be a subject matter expert in the subject of safeguarding vulnerable senior citizens, delivered an excellent, thought provoking presentation on the extent of the ageing population and how this seismic shift in the population demographic will affect the emergency services in the near future.


At the conclusion of his lecture, Jon commented, “I think it would be fair to say that insufficient thought is apportioned to the importance and size of the ageing population by the police and other emergency services. I have used my visit to the 'Short & Snappy Learning Conference' today to shine a spotlight on this theme and to highten awareness around the issues that lay in wait for the protectice services, as we continue to see life expectancy increase in future generations”