SCLT Public Presentation Team Visit Gwent NHS Retirement Followship


Tuesday 15th April has seen SCLT enrichment presenter Jon Williams, accepting an invitation to join  the monthly meeting of the Gwent NHS Retirement Fellowship at their regular meeting location at the Greenmeadow Golfing Complex near Blackwood for a rendition of the highly regarded Senior Safe Driving presentation.


The NHS Retirement Fellowship, a registered charity, is the organisation for NHS and social care staff and their partners. Offering social, leisure, educational and welfare activities, the Fellowship has branches across England, Scotland and Wales.


The NHS Retirement Fellowship is the organisation for NHS and social care staff, providing a bridge between life in employment and new opportunities in retirement.  Members enjoy a range of activities and interests meeting former colleagues, making new friends and participating in a variety of events. Walking, golf, photography and sightseeing are just some of the activities enjoyed, and members benefit from various discounts including cruises, holidays and annual worldwide travel, home and car insurance.

There are local branches across Britain and new members are welcome to join our friendly organisation, to benefit from the services on offer and to support retired colleagues.


Senior Road Safety -  Is a themed presentation on driving in later life, specially written by our resident Roads Policing expert. This informative presentation includes a nostalgic look at how driving has changed over the decades and provides tips and advice on staying safe on the roads in one's elder years. This presentation includes video and sound and is aimed at everyone, but particularly senior drivers and road users.


At the conclusion of his visit, Jon commented, “I have really enjoyed joining the ladies & gentlemen of the Gwent NHS Fellowship for their regular meeting today. The audience have been very engaged with the subject and asked many probing questions about staying safe on the roads in later life.


Every member of the audience received a personal copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine, which is produced by the Senior Citizen Liaison Team and published quarterly online and via a local network of outlets


Public Presentation Team Visit - Gwent NHS Retirement Fellowship

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