SCLT Finalists at National Charity Film Awards 2019


SCLT National Finalists at Charity Film Awards 2019


Friday 26th April 2019 has seen SCLT volunteers Ash Jones and Jon Williams attending the gala ceremony of the 2019 Charity Film Awards, which were held in the glamourous surroundings of Shoreditch in the very heart of Central London. The SCLT Charity were delighted to be attending the black-tie event, following the shortlisting of the short video 'Why I Volunteer' as one of the charity videos of the year.


The event was a celebration of charity films from accross the wide spectrum of the charity community, from tiny groups, such as the SCLT, to charitable organisations with multi-million pound budgets, who had all submitted videos, which outline their activities or bring awareness to their specific themes of work.

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The video entered for the award features a 3-minute monologue by veteran SCLT volunteer Jon Williams, who tells of the tear-jerking event, in which he discovereda lonely old man he actively avoided was in fact a national hero and how this discovery changed his life forever.


Jon commented, "It's quite an experience coming to an award event like this and seeing your story being acknowledged by so many prominent people. It's extremely flattering and I am delighted the exposure will bring the plight of lonliness and isolation to the attention of a wider audience"

CFA 2019


The video was directed and produced by SCLT volunteer Ash Jones, who's media work for the small charity has now been highlighted at the Charity Film Awards for two successive years.


Ash commented, "When I got into the marketing and media side of the charity world I thought we would have no chance to capture a share of the viewing audience against some of the big charity players, who have millions of pounds to invest in their campaigns.


But I have learned if your message has heart and it is capable of emotionally connecting with your intended audience, it will make a difference and can improve the lives of others"