Presentation Team Visit - Staple Hill Ladies RBL


Wednesday 21st August 2019 has seen SCLT volunteer Ash Jones, joining the weekly meeting of the Staple Hill Ladies Royal British Legion Group at the Staple Hill Community Centre, to deliver a presntation on avoiding the dangers of financial exploitation and what to do if one is targetted by some form of scam or decption in any walk of life.


Senior Safety Presentation - This presentation is aimed at older adult audiences and explores the extent of the ageing population and some of the safety challenges faced by elders in society today. With a strong focus on empowerment through education, the presentation explores the dangers of doorstep crime and  telephone, mail and internet (e-mail) deception-type scams. We offer tips and advice on staying safe - as well as signposting seniors to some other useful resources.


At the conclusion of his visit, Ash commented, “The ladies and of the group have been a very engaging and attentive audience and asked many thought-provoking questions about the dangers of financial exploitation in later life. It was a pleasure to present our talk on this subject to such a large audience and have the opportunity of sharing some ideas and thoughts on such a fascinating topic.”  


Every member of the audience received a personal copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine – the quarterly publication of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team, which offers crime prevention advice and a host of other lifestyle information for seniors and those who support elder family members


Presentation Team Visit - Staple Hill Ladies RBL

Staple Hill Ladies RBL