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Monday 4th February 2019 has seen SCLT enrichment & safety presenter Ash Jones, giving the first in a new series of corporate educational and practical presentations on with the subject of 'Public Speaking: How to Survive it!" to officers and staff of Avon and Somerset Constabulary at their Police Headquarters in Portishead.


Numerous academic and anecdotal surveys suggest that over 75% of the population suffer a profound and often debilitating fear of speaking in public. This can be a barrier to many people achieveing success in their professional and private lives, as a sound command of public speaking can hinder such routes as a job interviews, social activities and other  situations where public speaking skills are a must.


The Senior Citizen Liaison Team Public Presentation Team has been in existance for over 7-years and in that time the highly skilled presenters have gained a remarkable insight into the world of public speaking and communications skills, as they have hundreds of presentations to 100,000's of people all over the globe.


The skills & tips of being a highly proficient public speaker is now available to audiences, as the journey to public communication success if now available to groups in the shape of a 1-hour presentation, which is suitable for novices and profesionals seeking to gain improvement in their skills.


Author of the presentation Ash Jones commented, “I have been a volunteer public presenter with the SCLT Charity from the very beginning and I have been on a steep learning curve to go from being an unskilled and nervous public speaker to being a confident,  professional speaker, who has addressed audiences of all sizes, from local Women's Institute meetings, to global gatherings, such as the United Nations Public Service Forum (The Hague in 2017) and the International Police Problem Solving Conference (USA 2018).


This presentation benefits from my remarkable public speaking journey and will give you skills learned from my own experinces and observations as an elite public communication practitioner” 


 See a video of Ash in action by clicking on the link-box below


Bookings for this presentation are now being taken via the Public Presentation Team pages o this website (tab at top of this page)


Public Presentation Team - Offer Public Speaking & Communication Skills Training

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