Public Presentation Team Visit – Bridgwater Retired Employees Association


Thursday 14th Nov 2019 has seen SCLT enrichment presenter Ash Jones, accepting an invitation from Bridgwater Retired Employees Association to deliver an enrichment lecture on the topic of WW2 Fighter Ace Group Captain Douglas Bader


Douglas Bader: Reach for the Sky – This fascinating biography takes the audience through the remarkable life-story of arguably the most iconic fighter pilot of the Second World War. Bader joined the Royal Air Force in 1928 and soon became one of its top pilots, only to suffer a near fatal air crash, in which he lost both legs. He overcame his disability to return to the cockpit, where he flew the iconic Spitfire as one of ‘The Few’ who saved the nation in the historic Battle of Britain, becoming one of the most decorated airmen of that pivotal campaign. Having downed 22 enemy aircraft, he was shot down in 1941, spending the remainder of the war in the foreboding Colditz Castle as a POW of the Nazis. The remainder of his life was spent as a tireless campaigner for the disabled, for which he received a knighthood in 1976.


Every member of the audience received a personal copy of the award-winning Senior Siren magazine, which is produced by the Senior Citizen Liaison Team and published quarterly online and via a local network of outlets.


Public Presentation Team Visit - Bridgwater Retired Employees Association