SCLT Chat Bench Initiative Arrives in The Netherlands


Early December 2019 has seen volunteers from the SCLT Charity arriving in the Maastricht area in the Province of Limberg in South East Netherlands to assist in the roll-out of the extremely popular SCLT Chat Bench Initiative, an extremely simple scheme, which encourages local communities to adopt local benches within their communities to become 'Chat Benches'.


Chat Benches encourage local residents to undertand the trials associated with chronic loneliness and social isolation and how this affects their neighbouring citizens, who can live lives blighted by almost zero social contact and the tragic consequences this can have upon their physical & mental wellbeing.


SCLT Chat Bench Initiative Arrives in the Netherlands

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Ash Jones introduced the 1st SCLT Chat Bench in May 2019 in the Somerset town of Burnham-on-Sea, a town known to have a higher than average proportion of elder citizens, he stated, "Whilst there have been many social engagement projects similar to chat benches over the years, we decided to target loneliness as the main objective for our charity in the next 3-years, so decided to take community socialising opportunities to the next level.


Since launching our Chat Bench initiative in May 2019, we have been delighted to work with hundreds of other charities, media outlets and local muncipalities to see wave after wave of new chat benches appearing all over the UK and much further afield. I am delighted to have been invited to the Netherlands to launch some new chat benches and see them flourish and multiply in the coming years."